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It seems Sarah Perez of the Grand Effect network, ReadWriteWeb, and Sarah In Tampa has already discovered this little nugget in her post on ReadWriteWeb entitled “Breaking the Techmeme Habit”.

“About B-list : This is dedicated to all those blogs and stories that are less popular but still great.”

I recently ran across Techsted, which is a memetracker (see Techmeme or the long forgotten Slashdot). While it’s very similar to other services in the same arena (10 reasons why it’s different), the one thing that really stood out is Techsted’s B-list section.

Grade BAs quoted above, it’s a section dedicated to the less popular blogs on the web with good content. Most of the articles that were listed when I checked it out were relating to mobile tech news. I’m hoping that this will eventually open up to other tech related fields of news, especially since I submitted my own OMPL file, which features my personal A-list of the “B-list” and more great blogs and sites. Still, it’s something to keep an eye out for.

If you have the time, give it an look and let me know your thoughts!

Tech Spy

On a side note, I found this nifty little tech and news spy web application. It’s only a scrolling list of random news, both tech and non-tech related, that you can pause and refresh, but I think it’s pretty neat concept. Here’s a screenshot:

Tech Spy

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