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Mobile News Wave: Facebook Places, Foursquare, and Google

The rumors were true. Today, Facebook steps into the location-based services (or LBS) arena with Facebook Places. Now everyone is watching Foursquare, the current king of LBS. Not to mention Google acknowledged receiving 100 million Google Map users every month. The mobile space is clearly heating up and here’s what you should know about it.

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23 Popular Google Chrome Extensions For Web Workers

  That’s right, Google Chrome Extensions have arrived! As an avid supporter of the Google Chrome browser (ex-Firefox user), I was stoked to start trying out the new extensions. Previously, I had a ton of bookmarks that provided the same functionality and they’re all gone now thanks to extensions coming to Chrome. Think of your […]

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3 Must Have Google Reader Clients For The iPhone

For some, a smartphone isn’t complete without a decent RSS reader – and yes, people still use RSS. Most RSS Readers for iOS are slow to sync with Google Reader or are really buggy! These are my top three picks for RSS readers that are changing the mobile RSS landscape – and sync quickly with Google […]

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