Make Calls With Google Voice From Your iPhone’s Browser

Last summer, there was a big pow-wow between Google and Apple over the Google Voice iPhone app. It didn’t get approved, but Google found a quick work around by optimizing Google Voice for mobile browsers to make a web app. This had major limitations that prevented use of the best features in Google Voice. There’s still no iPhone app for Google Voice, but Google’s latest update brings the features you’ve been waiting for.


What Is Google Voice

Google Voice is a great service that everyone with more than one phone number should use. It allows you to:

  • Use one number for all of your phones
  • Get voicemails automatically transcribed via email or sms
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Manage your calls and contacts

Typical phone offerings, but all of this can be done right from the web….for free! You can also choose which of your phones all calls should be directed to. Now your friends and contacts can stop calling 3 different numbers just to reach you. Most calls made through Google Voice for free and international calls are cheap.

As you can see, Google Voice has plenty of perks. If you don’t have an unlimited phone plan Google Voice can save you a ton of minutes. All you need to do is dial your Google Voice number, enter your password, press #2, and enter the number you want to call. This is very tedious and a process that the GV app would’ve solved all. Despite Apple’s destruction, Google found a worthwhile solution with their web app.


What’s New With Google Voice for iPhone

The latest update to the Google Voice web app can make calls through your Google Voice number from your iPhone. The Google Voice web app has been redesigned to look more like Gmail and Google Calendar in Safari. Aside from the new makeup, you can:

  • Send SMS to friends
  • Dial a number
  • Playback voicemails

Yes, all of this can be done right inside your mobile web browser. The only serious downside is that you can’t access your phone’s contact list. Google Voice has a separate contact list you can manage and it’s stored in the cloud (or the internet).

Googlevoiceinbox googlevoicedialergoogvoicemail

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Access Google Voice Via iPhone

You can access Google Voice by heading to on your iPhone. GV will also be available for Palm Pre/ Pixi owners. The new version of the Google Voice web app is being rolled out today. So don’t panic if you can’t see the new features right now. They’re coming!

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  1. I have seen many companies are there who are presenting such kind of services. But here Google give latest technology for its’ users. I like most thing from above blog is that you can Block unwanted callers which I have never seen before.

  2. Google really is surprising. always taking new heights by innovating new ways to keep their consumers and supporters interested and satisfied. Some of the things I use also came from the Google site. :)

    Michelle Green,
    Making International Calls

  3. Google has been inviting lots of new users to their Google Voice service.

    The company is expected to launch it for public later this year.

    However, reviews are already coming in and they are mostly good.

    The service is designed to enable you to have a single contact number that can be used to call multiple devices.

    It has tons of other features which are probably going to change the way you think about telephony.

    With this, Google has technically become a telephony service provider!
    by this time many of people making calls with google voice from their iphone browser

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