Verizon, Android, And Seesmic: A Recipe For A Great Twitter Android App

If you’re a new owner of the Motorola Droid or Google Nexus One, then your research for a twitter Android app has led you to king Twidroid. Twidroid is featured in the viral Youtube video Nexus One: “Web meets phone” and has been downloaded over 400,000 times. Twidroid’s crown might be fitting, but Seesmic for Android still packs a punch that you don’t want to miss as a great twitter Android app.


Motorola and Android: A Powerful Mobile Network


Previously, I noted Seesmic for Android as one of 24 reasons to buy a Droid. The Motorola Droid stands out by itself. Time’s named it their Top Gadget Of 2009 and it’s stats are impressive:

  • 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen (480×854 WVGA resolution)
  • Google Voice App
  • Facebook Contact Synchronization
  • Voice Recognition
  • Advanced Google Maps App
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • 16GB SD Card included

The Android Market has a great selection of starter apps, a growing developer community, and the Android OS is amazing. It’s easy to see why Droid gained 1.44% market share less than a month after launch. However, my favorite app about the Droid was Seesmic for Android.


Seesmic for Android Shines

As apart of Seesmic’s first venture into the mobile apps, Seesmic for Android packed a punch right out of the box. Uploading Youtube video’s via the app was a plus! A month after launching, Seesmic released an update that supported lists, twitter search, and trends. The update notifications on Android blew the iPhone’s push notifications out of the water. Bundled with Verizon, Seesmic for Android handled my mobile lifestyle like a veteran.

seesmic for android


What’s Missing From Seesmic

Everything that glitters isn’t gold and Seesmic for Android is by no means perfect. I’m spoiled by Tweetie 2 which lets me start my timeline were I previously left off. Seesmic goes straight to what’s new, which is a hassle when trying to catch-up on older news or reread tweets after a restart. The app also doesn’t support multiple accounts. There’s no Seesmic widget for the homescreen, while Twidroid has two of them.


Why You Need To Have It

Seesmic is right up to par with other free twitter android apps. With an easy to navigate interface, advanced media sharing features, and trusted brand to back it, Seesmic is well on it’s way to success in the Android environment. Let’s hope they can continue their success with the impending release of their iPhone app and a few more tweaks to their Android App. Subscribe to SheGeeks to make sure you don’t miss the reviews!

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