23 Popular Google Chrome Extensions For Web Workers


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That’s right, Google Chrome Extensions have arrived! As an avid supporter of the Google Chrome browser (ex-Firefox user), I was stoked to start trying out the new extensions. Previously, I had a ton of bookmarks that provided the same functionality and they’re all gone now thanks to extensions coming to Chrome. Think of your Firefox add-ons only with easier installation and without restarting your browser. Without further ado, here are over 20 of the most amazing Google Chrome extensions that every web worker should have!


Social Media Extensions For Google Chrome


Chromed Bird – Keep you with your Twitter stream from your toolbar in Chrome (Must be logged into your Twitter account)

Brizzly – Update Twitter & Facebook with links, pics, videos, and more.

Bit.ly – Shorten, share, and track your links from Chrome

Facebook Notifications – Keeps you updated on your latest Facebook notifications. (Must be logged into your Facebook account)

Facebook for Google Chrome – Read the latest in your news feed and wall on the fly. Also supports updating your Facebook status.

Chrome.FM – Listen to your favorite Last.fm stations while you get work done.


RSS Extensions For Google Chrome

feedly for Chrome


Feedly – Reading your favorite blogs has never been so deliciously fast and feature-packed!

Google Reader Notifier – Keep up with the latest updates to your favorite blogs with a glance. Also supports an overview of the latest updates from your subscriptions.

RSS Subscription Extension – Subscribe to new blogs with just one click


Social Sharing Extensions For Google Chrome


StumbleUpon Toolbar – Stumbling your favorite content comes to Google Chrome

Shareaholic – Share, save, or email your favorite content with over 80 services!

Evernote Web Clipper – Clip your favorite pages…then move on

Diigo Bookmarks – Bookmark your favorite content to Diigo in 2 clicks

Chromium Delicious Plugin – Bookmark this post for later    ;)

ChromeIRL – When you don’t have time, Read it Later.


Screenshot & Image Editors For Google Chrome


Avairy Screen Capture – Capture a screenshot and edit it right inside of Chrome

Picnik Web Editor – Capture and edit images right inside of Chrome


Google Power Pack For Google Chrome


Gmail Checker – How many unread emails do you have? This extension will let you know.

Google Wave Notifier – Keep up with updates on your Waves

Google Calendar – Quickly see when your next meeting is approaching

Meeting Scheduler for Google Calendar – Team up with ScheduleOne for free and schedule meetings on the fly

Google Tasks – Add any tasks on the fly

Google Voice Notifier – You have….2 unread messages.

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