Tech Opinion

Techmeme: A Flawed System

Yes, I’m pissed and maybe I shouldn’t be, but I that’s not up for judgement. This is a pretty ugly rant and I want to apologize to those who expected better from me and taught me to write better than this. Still, I’m only human and my blood is boiling. As of 4:41p.m. EST, Twubble […]

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Social Media

I Smell Twubble!

I first discovered Twubble  through an article written by the talented Cyndy Aleo-Carreira of Profy in an article entitled "Toluu and Twubble: Forget Searching and Look for Suggestions". The Twubble web service is the latest to join the already long list of Twitter web applications . Twubble allows you to find more people on Twitter […]

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