Techmeme: A Flawed System

Yes, I’m pissed and maybe I shouldn’t be, but I that’s not up for judgement. This is a pretty ugly rant and I want to apologize to those who expected better from me and taught me to write better than this. Still, I’m only human and my blood is boiling.

Angry As of 4:41p.m. EST, Twubble (Review) is the second hottest topic on Techmeme. The site that’s leading the pack of Twubble articles, in my opinion, shouldn’t be leading the pack. Cyndy Aleo-Carreira of posted about Twubble exactly 2 days ago.  In web terms, that’s weeks ahead of everyone else! That’s who should be leading the pack. Yet, her article is no where to be found on Techmeme, not even as a related story even though she was the first person to break the news!

Why am I pissed? Because she broke the damn news about the web app and she’s getting no credit and not even on a highly regarded site such as Techmeme! If it were you, hell if it were me, I’d be emailing the crap out of Gabe Rivera to rectify the situation! Everyone wants their credit where credit is due! EVERYONE!

This is one of the reasons why I don’t visit sites like Techmeme. The only reason I have ever visited Techmeme is because someone told me to go have a look at something on it. I look towards people who actually GO to the source and credit the source for my news. Systems like Techmeme are flawed so ridiculously it’s laughable and highly irritating.

SheGeeks is listed as one of the related discussions. Yet, I credited Cyndy as the source for finding out about Twubble. It’s in the first line of my review! I pinged her article! I twittered it when it first came out! I did everything besides wave a flashing sign to let you know that I’m not the source of this and neither are any of the others that I linked to. Cyndy broke the news! I just forwarded it to my audience with my own personal commentary about the service.

This is not an attack on Twubble. This is not an attack on FaceReviews (the leader of the Twubble topic on Techmeme). This is not an attack on Gabe Rivera.

This is an attack on Techmeme and the flaws of a system that doesn’t give credit where credit is due. I guess we can’t have it all and clearly giving credit where credit is due doesn’t apply to the big guys.

*breathes* Ok. I feel better now.

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