Yahoo! oneSearch With Voice For BlackBerries

Yahoo has quite a few mobile applications that will be released in the upcoming months. The one that I’m particularly excited about is Yahoo! oneConnect. However, CNet has released a video from CTIA in Las Vegas that showcases the new Yahoo oneSearch with voice, currently only available for Blackberry Pearl, Curve, and 8800 series.


Yahoo! oneSearch with Voice

Yahoo! oneSearch is a mobile program in the ranks of Windows Live Search (which I fanatically use on my Motorola Q9m) and Google Maps Mobile.So basically, it’s a mobile search program for finding things.

Aside from a beautiful interface, the one feature that I’m loving about this application is that the voice function learns and adapts to your voice through a built in feedback system. "The more you use it, the smarter it gets."


I think it’s amazing what type of technology is being put out relating to voice and the mobile industry. I’m wondering if keyboards will even be necessary in a few decades. Nevertheless, I’m still cranky about that fact that the Windows Mobile OS doesn’t get more of these mobile applications, being that it is one of the largest mobile OS’s out there.

If you’re using Yahoo! oneSearch what are your thoughts and reviews of the application?

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