The Instagram of Digital Cameras: Samsung SH100

Samsung SH100 Digital CameraOver the Memorial Day weekend, I had an awesome opportunity to hang out with Samsung folks to test their new digital camera, the Samsung SH100, for their new campaign, “Coast To Coast Photo Post“. The Samsung SH100 is a compact, 14 megapixel beauty that integrates mobile photography features that people love using on their iPhones and Android smartphones:  filters, wireless uploading, and emailing photos on the go!

To test drive the Samsung SH100, I showed the folks from Samsung my favorite places in Brooklyn, New York. Amongst the many gems hidden in Brooklyn is an amazing celebrity stylist and image consultant, Noel New York, and the best cupcakes in the city from Crumbs Bake Shop!

My experience with the Samsung SH100 has been pretty awesome. It’s small enough to carry everywhere (including my pockets) and features a 3” LCD touchscreen. The touchscreen is a little fussy by finger, but the camera comes with a stylus like pen for fine-tuning when navigating the array of features and options this little gadget offers.

Upload Photos Wirelessly

The image quality is great (compared to my iPhone 4) and the camera is pretty speedy for everyday use and quick captures. There are a ton of features built into the SH100 and most importantly, I can upload pictures right from the camera. Connecting to wifi networks is a breeze. I had no trouble finding my network, typing in my passcode, and connecting within 10 seconds.

The Samsung SH100 can upload photos via email, Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket, and Samsung Imaging. Annoyingly, support for one of the most popular photo hosting sites, Flickr, is absent. To get around this, I simply email photos to Flickr using the built-in email feature. I’ve also saved my Flickr email address into the built in address book. This saves a ton of time in the long run and speeds things up when in a rush.

Filters and Magic Frame Effects

What I love the most about this camera is not just the great wifi capabilities, but the additional filters that remind me of Instagram and Camera+ on my iPhone 4. These popular mobile photography apps are used for applying filter effects to spice up photos taken with the iPhone’s camera. Samsung does a great job of integrating the filter trend into the SH100, and the filters look great! My favorite thus far is fish eye (see effect in first picture below). In addition to filters, there are also magic frames that can be applied to pictures. Some of them are kind of cheesy, but there are a few simple, straightforward designs to apply to pictures

Conclusion: A Fitting Fusion of the Old and the New

All in all, I really like the Samsung SH100 though I find the touchscreen to be annoying sometimes. I love how it takes advantage of other wifi features like remote view finder and pc auto backup. The built-in filters are great, tempting me to email a few pics to my iPhone to upload to Instagram. The compact style keeps this camera in my bag and the battery life is amazing for daily usage. I only have to recharge after 2-3 days of heavy usage.

I’ll leave you with a few of the photos that I’ve uploaded to Flickr directly from the camera. Be sure to also check out the photos from the photos from the Samsung Coast to Coast Photo Post Campaign. Enjoy!


Wall Of Chucks Afro Punk Artwork in Clinton Hill

Inspiration from the TED HQ Hi Jersey!


In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that my time and efforts have been compensated by Samsung for my participation in the Coast to Coast Photo Post campaign, and I was also provided a Samsung SH100 camera. Although I have a material connection to Samsung, any publicly stated opinions of Samsung remain my own.

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