7 Underhyped Web And Mobile Twitter Apps

When I started using Twitter 2 years ago, outside of the site itself, Twhirl and Twitterrific were two of the top Twitter clients available. Twhirl even went as far as incorporating other platforms like FriendFeed and Seesmic Video, making it one of the most popular desktop clients for managing the latest social networks.

Fast forward to 2009 and we have leaders like TweetDeck, Twitterific, Hootsuite, Cotweet, and Seesmic dominating desktops, while their mobile counterparts, Tweetie 2, UberTwitter, and Twidroid dominate mobile devices. I have no doubts that they’ll maintain strong holds on their markets, but there are new Twitter clients that have the potential to make waves in 2010.


7 Twitter Clients of 2010

  • Brizzly
    Brizzly has been making waves for its innovative UI and recent Facebook support. It’s bubbling to the top and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it usurp one of the top 10 spots.
  • SimplyTweet
    With built-in push notifications and amazing functionality, SimplyTweet is becoming a popular recommendation for iPhone Twitter clients. Right now, it’s giving Tweetie 2 and TweetDeck serious competition in the iPhone app market.
  • Gravity
    The best symbian Twitter client I’ve ever experienced. Gravity has the potential to rank high on the list of mobile twitter clients for 2010 amongst Nokia mobile owners.
  • PeopleBrowsr
    PeopleBrowsr has become so much more than just a Twitter client. It’s fast becoming the recommended client for monitoring social media.
  • TweetGenuis
    I’m starting to see TweetGenius make quite the splash amongst BlackBerry users. With such a refreshing UI and no ads BlackBerry users have many reasons to be excited about this mobile twitter client.
  • TwitterBerry
    Another Blackberry Twitter client making a splash is TwitterBerry. Though it has one of the most user friendly formats, it’s plagued with a lot of problems such as draining mobile battery life. Improvement on such issues could help increase the popularity of this mobile client.
  • PockeTwit
    Future Windows Mobile owners will love PockeTwit for its simple design and excellent functionality. With kinetic scrolling and side menus, PockeTwit brings some impressive features to the thable.

The Future Of Twitter Clients

I also notice a shift in usage on Twitter to other web services that allow you to simply push information to your twitter stream or monitor Twitter streams for valuable information. PeopleBrowsr is already pushing innovations in social media monitoring. However, we’ll save that discussion for a later date. Here’s what we can consider now:

  • What new Twitter clients are popping up on your radar?
  • Can current leading Twitter clients hold their positions?
  • How do you see the future for the class of 2010 Twitter clients?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on SheGeeks.net.