Tracking Social Engagements Like A Pro With PostRank Analytics

It never fails: I get tired of visiting post after post to keep track of all my content’s social engagement metrics like retweets and social bookmarks. The process for tracking social engagements has never been a simple one. It always ends with a ton of tabs open and indigestible information. Now I’ve had the pleasure of simplifying this problem through beta testing PostRank Analytics.

Admit it, you need an easier way to keep up with all the number of engagement metrics you can track. There’s hundreds of communities out there potentially sharing your idea, your product, and your services. Tracking them all can easily get out of hand or some confusing to manage. PostRank Analytics makes this look as easy as it should be.


How PostRank Can Work For You

First off, if you’re lost on why you should be tracking social engagements please read HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI before you go any further.

With PostRank, I can manage some of my most important social engagement metrics. I’ll get an “engagement score”, which is the total of all of my social engagement metrics along with a thorough breakdown of the score for individual services. From a fantastic dashboard view I’m tracking social engagements such as:

  • Twitter mentions
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Delicious Social Bookmarks
  • Diigo Social Bookmarks
  • Friendfeed Conversations
  • Blog Comments

For some engagements, PostRank will even pull in specific data such as who retweeted or replied to a post, or provide a shortcut where I can see more detailed analytics for services such as Delicious that already offer this feature.


Useful Email Notifications & Google Analytics

Be sure to sign-up for PostRank Analytics using the referral code:  refer-shegeeks

PostRank is one of a handful of services with email notifications I don’t have filtered in Gmail to go straight to my trash. The social engagement updates are awesome and visually streamlined with with your PostRank dashboard. Get quick and informative updates on how well your content is going in social communities. PostRank also integrates with Google Analytics making it easy to compare your social engagements with more traditional analytics.

All in all, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of their 30-day free trail, after which the services is going for an underrated $9. Start tracking your social media engagements like a pro! it easy on yourself.

Disclosure: Yes PostRank has shown me support and by That doesn’t change that it’s still a damn good social engagement tracker and delivers on its promise through a highly active team in the tech and social media communities. Don’t like it? There’s a pretty X at the top of your screen: right for PC, left for Macs.

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