Twitter Tip of The Day: A Shortcut To Share Your Twitter Lists

Today’s Twitter Tip was brought to you in part by Josh Bancroft (@jabancroft on Twitter). If you find value in this tip, stop by Josh’s site or leave him a thanks in the comments!


The Easy Way To Tweet Your Twitter Lists

Tweeting my lists was a bit of a hassle before one of my friends pointed out there’s an easier way. Before I would open my list in a new tap and use to shorten the link. I had the option of sending it from or copying the link to share somewhere else. Some of you probably used this same method or something similar. Here’s a much easier way to tweet your lists:


Example: @corvida/social-media

Yes, it’s really that simple! If your lists have more than one word make sure to put the dash between those words. Also, this may not work in client apps, but works flawlessly with the Twitter website. Thanks Josh for the awesomesauce twitter tip of the day.

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