Tweet 2 Tweet Brings Wall-To-Wall To Twitter

If you’ve switched from Facebook to Twitter, one feature that you might miss is the Wall-to-Wall functionality on Facebook. This feature allows users to see only messages between to people. There has been no easy way to access the same functionality on Twitter nor through any of the plethora of third party Twitter conversation trackers, until now. RSSmeme creator Benjamin Golub solves the problem with Tweet 2 Tweet!

Facebook’s Wall-To-Wall Versus Tweet 2 Tweet

Built using Django, Google App Engine, and Twitter search engine Summize, Tweet 2 Tweet is a basic wall-to-wall feature for Twitter. Just type in any two Twitter users to see the conversations between them. The user interface for Tweet 2 Tweet needs a lot of work. Compared to Facebook’s Wall-To-Wall feature, Tweet 2 Tweet is very disorganized and a bit disorienting. Facebook allows you to see the conversations together listed in chronological order, Tweet 2 Tweet separates the conversations and shows them in reverse chronological order.

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A Little Too Messy

It seems that the conversation extends back as far as month, but grabbing anything past that is a lost cause, which I think is due to Golub using Google App Engine for the service. All in all, I’m hoping to see some drastic and more intuitive improvements on the UI for Tweet 2 Tweet.

Corvida Raven

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