Tweetie for Mac Launches With Potential And Conversation Tracking

Twitter Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited right now because one of my favorite iPhone apps is coming to a desktop near you!

Atebits, developer of the popular Tweetie iPhone app, has announced the debut date of Tweetie for Mac a.k.a Bigbird! I’m hoping that it will be coming to Windows really soon, but for now let’s drool.


It seems Atebits will be taking the same slick UI of Tweetie on the iPhone and pushing it straight to the desktops of Mac users. According to the demo video of Tweetie for Mac (here), it will be one of the first desktop apps to support conversation tracking, or threaded message support, with a cool way to view conversations for messages too.

This is a really good feature and rapidly becoming a must have for any Twitter application these days. Tweetie is the first I’ve seen to this and I haven’t seen it in their iPhone app either.

“Tweetie for Mac is more than a port – in fact, it’s a complete rewrite. The new core is faster, more stable, and more extensible than its predecessor. Not only will it form the foundation of the Mac version, but also the foundation of the next generation of Tweetie 2.0 for iPhone.”

Tweetie for Mac will be released this Monday, April 20th. I’m looking forward to hearing what Mac users will think of it(and secretly wishing I had a Mac). It has a lot of cool nifty effects that really catch the eye, but also has the potential to be a hit or miss with some folks. I think you’ll either love it or hate it, especially with the way they’ve integrated threaded messaging into every conversation that happens on Twitter!


Other Features

We’re not sure what features might be missing compared to competitors, but having groups may be one of them. So be sure to stay tuned for more info on this or follow @atebits and @tweetie on Twitter.


Here are some screenshots of the great features from the demo video of Tweetie for Mac:

Drag & Drop Image Support

Tweetie Reply


Direct Message Threading!

Tweetie_DM Tweetie DM thread


Twitter Search Integration




  • What do you think of Tweetie for Mac?
  • Wish it were coming to Windows?
  • Will you be giving it a test drive?
  • Are you hoping it can replace your current client?
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