Who Else Is Disappointed in FriendFeed And Other Twitter Swagger Jackers?

Today while scanning through Google Reader, I noticed a post by one of my favorite bloggers Sarah Perez. Sarah related how her attempt at getting an exclusive preview of the new FriendFeed redesign was a difficult experience, and a bit disappointing from a FriendFeed enthusiast’s standpoint. It’s a great post that sheds some serious light on dealing with companies outside of the “online” hype.

Read Sarah’s post here: Why I Didn’t Get To See FriendFeed’s Redesign.


Stop Swagger Jackin Twitter!

Twitter UI

Sarah’s not the only one that’s a little disappointed in FriendFeed. I’m disappointed in the FriendFeed beta design. Wait, scratch that, I’m disappoint in FriendFeed swagger jackin Twitter’s user interface. Personally, I’m starting to feel that the “real-time update” angle was just a way to get the design to be somewhat pre-approved by FF users, while FF jacks Twitter’s style and works on making it its own.


  • Swagger jackin – v. stealing someone’s swag
  • Swag – adj. a unique style or the way that something is presented
  • Swagger jacker – n. see swagger jackin, swag



Can We Say Lame?

blog Friendfeed has a lot of great, competitive, and very creative minds working under one umbrella. I don’t see why on earth they would copy very important elements of Twitter’s design as a way to test a new one for their site. Don’t give me that bs about competing with Facebook because guess what? They’re swagger jackin Twitter too! With all those brains, that’s so unnecessary and puts FriendFeed as a company in a different light for me.

On another note, for those who will continue to jack Twitter’s style, please don’t pitch me about it. Fake artists copy. Real artists create. The same applies to the company’s that I’d love to review on SheGeeks.

Be original for goodness sakes! Don’t we already have enough Twitter clones?! How can you expect to compete when you all look the same? Mainstream users will simply stick with where they’re at.


Corvida Raven

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