TwitSay: Leave A Message On Twitter

"Hey, I can’t Twitter right now. So, just leave a message after this tweet….TWEET!"


twitsayTwitSay is one of the latest Twitter tools to hit the web that has a unique twist. If you’ve ever wanted to leave a voice message on your Twitter account, now you can with TwitSay. To leave a message:

  • Login to TwitSay
  • Call your regional TwitSay number
  • Leave a message
  • Watch it show up in your Twitter stream

Unfortunately, the service only has regional numbers for Germany and Austria. I don’t quite understand this since Twitter has a huge US following (the largest) and the TwitSay site is in English also. Another downside to the service is that the messages can only be 10 seconds long. What are you supposed to say? Hi? Bye? Uh, no!

Ways To Use TwitSay

Within a 10 second timelimit, you could say a million 2-5 word answers to any of your Twitter followers. You could also use it as a quicker Jott, which is a voice to text service, and use it to create a quick reminder for yourself or maybe even for a group of followers.

The reasons are endless. Unfortunately, for TwitSay my minutes aren’t.

Corvida Raven

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