UC San Diego Crowdsources Alumni With AlumnIdea

alumnidea logoViolet Mae Lim tipped me off about UC San Diego’s latest creation for its alumni network: AlumnIdea!


Tightening Alumni Networks During The Recession

AlumnIdea is a crowdsourcing site for UCSD alumni. UCSD created the site as a way to have UCSD alumni submit their ideas towards building a tighter alumni network, which every University/College can stand to do right now. The site couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m sure many college grads and current students are utilizing as many alumni connections as possible to stay afloat in shaky job markets.

Similar to Digg, UCSD alumni can submit their ideas and vote others up and down. UCSD plans to implement the most voted ideas into their alumni association network. As far as I’m aware, UCSD seems to be the first university to utilize the power of their alumni network in this fashion. According to Violet,

“They understood the need for open/two-way communication and the power of community.  UCSD wanted to hear directly from their alumni.”


The Power of a College Community


Some of the ideas listed on AlumnIdea are absolutely great! The alumni are up-to-date on today’s technological happenings and pushing UCSD to stay updated as well. What student wouldn’t love a University iPhone app with the latest news and upcoming events? Sounds like a great investment to me!

I’d love to see something like this for current and prospective students of UCSD. It’s honestly a great way to motivate the community to take action and help make changes pertaining to their university/college.

Corvida Raven

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