Using Tech & Curiosity To Battle Boredom In Quarantine

By now, almost everyone wants out of quarantine. For me, it’s been a state of never-ending boredom and rat race to stay entertained. Satisfying our curious minds is work and the options for safely doing so seem slim. In collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, here are activities to battle boredom in quarantine using technology and your curiosity.

This post is sponsored by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. All opinions are mine, not the sponsor’s.

Explore From Home

Virtual Museum Tours & Exhibits

Guggenheim Virtual Museum Tour Website

Your local museum may be closed right now, but you can still visit them through a “virtual tour”. There are over 2500 museums and galleries — from the Guggenheim to the Van Gogh Museum — featured on Google Arts & Culture. Visiting any of them takes you on a virtual tour with tons of online exhibits worth checking out. For some museums, like The Louvre, you may have to visit their official website for any digital offerings.

Libby App

Did you know you can check out eBooks and AudioBooks with your library card for free? Libby is an app for checking out eBooks from your library for up to 21 days. You should be able to find a great selection of books, both old and new, to dive into at home.

Curious Element: Stress Tolerance
Take this curious element quiz to practice building up your stress tolerance. The included exercise encourages emotional control when responding to stress. Afterwards, challenge yourself to think of more constructive ways to resolve problems you might face while in quarantine.

Explore Your Neighborhood

A Camera

Osmo Pocket Camera Recording Sunrise

If it feels safe for you to do so, grab your mask, smartphone or DSLR, and take a walk around your neighborhood. Take pictures of the people and places that catch your attention and let your curiosity get the better of you. You may discover a local hidden gem or meet a new neighbor.

Binoculars & eBird

eBird iPhone app screenshots

Grab your phone and a pair of binoculars (if you have some) and head to a small local park or pull up a chair in your own backyard to do some birdwatching. It’s a relaxing and fun way to explore nature while engaging your curiosity about what’s around you. I recommend using the eBird app for keeping track of the birds you see and suggestions on birds commonly found in your area.

If you’re an early bird, try recording the songs of the birds you hear. Then add your recording to Dawn Chorus where it can be mapped worldwide. As a bonus, your recording also contributes to a scientific database for biodiversity research!

Curious Element: Openness to People’s Ideas
Unfortunately, being Black in nature can also mean facing racism and discrimination. The very real threat of this happening to me influences what I do, limits where I feel comfortable birdwatching, and impacts my experience outdoors.

Today, there’s an urgent task for everyone to undertake, especially when it comes to race: being open to our differences. This curious element quiz includes an exercise that invites you to see from the perspective of others. After taking the quiz, challenge yourself to talk to others about their perspective on issues affecting both of your lives.

Explore Your City

A Drone

If you’re a frequent reader of SheGeeks, you know I’m a big fan of drones. They’re great tools for exploring your city from a different perspective. Drive to the outskirts of your city and fly a drone to discover unique features or areas you may not have been aware of before.

Virtual Entertainment

One cool thing that’s popping up in response to the Covid-19 pandemic are virtual events and entertainment. From gaming sessions to plays to festivals, just about every form of entertainment has now gone digital to adhere to social distancing rules.

Going virtual also gives us the opportunity to experience events from all over the world, not just where we live.

A quick search for “virtual plays” or “virtual festivals” will bring up a variety of events in your city and elsewhere that are happening (and usually for free). You may not be able to travel or venture out to a venue, but the show can still go on.

Curious Element: Joyous Exploration
Take this curious element quiz to build your curiosity through exploration. The included exercise encourages learning via discovery. After taking the quiz, challenge yourself to go out and discover how seemingly unrelated things about your city could connect.

What technology are you using to explore during quarantine?

Leave a comment below, or tweet me using #alwayscurious, to tell me about the tech you’re using to engage your curiosity while in quarantine!

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