Where Google Chrome Failed To Succeed: The Integration Of Google Services

googlechromelogo Today, Techmeme was probably the last site you wanted to visit if you weren’t interested in the latest Google news. The popular news meme was full of links about Google’s latest entrance in to the browser wars with Chrome. You can read plenty of information about Google Chrome on ReadWriteWeb and in the ReadWriteWeb FriendFeed room.


Failure to Integrate Services

brake failure I’m not here to give you a rundown though. I’ve already tweeted that I feel the browser is a half-baked: something to look out for, but not really worth it right now. The biggest reason why is because the integration of Google’s own service offerings sucked donkey balls! For a company that is well known for its integrations with its other service, they really failed with Chrome, which should’ve had the best integration offerings ever!

For example, I typed in an address in the bar thinking Google would at least have the brains to implement their Google Maps service. Nope! Instead it took me to Google’s search page. There wasn’t even an option to lookup the address via Google maps from the address bar’s drop-down menu. WTF?

Another point of contest is something that I find to be awfully weird. I noted in the ReadWriteWeb FriendFeed room that Google offers different right-click context menu’s depending on what you’re right clicking on. This feature was implemented into Google Maps, but there could’ve been more. It’s such a standard menu: zoom in and out, etc. There’s plenty that’s missing such as emailing the map via Gmail or adding it to a Google Calendar event as a location.


Ubiquity Does It And Does It Real Good

Firefox’s Ubiquity does a better job of integrating Google’s service such as Gmail and Youtube, better than Google does, which we can all say is a damn shame. Google could’ve really scored one for the home team with such an offering. Instead, we’ll have to wait until the next update or two to see this happen if they even bother.

By then Google, I’m afraid I’ll love Ubiquity a little too much to come back to you.

Corvida Raven

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