7 Reasons Why I’d Rather Use Twitter Over Other Social Networks

twitter blog The wars of social networks will never end. Which network is really the best? Who cares! I have a lot of fun on a ton of social networks. You can find a list of social networks and communities I’m active on here. Each community is neat and offers something different. Some look better than others.

Still, the Twitter community always finds a way to outshine the others in one way or another for me. Here are 7 reasons why it’s easier for me to gravitate towards Twitter over other networks:

  1. Conversation start a lot easier on Twitter.
  2. Customer service has never been this good. No more machines!
  3. I don’t care that you reached level 7 of Sorority Life. The game invites must stop!
  4. There’s no friend limit or I’d have missed making some really awesome connections.
  5. I notice more people sharing great content from their personal network of trusted sources on Twitter.
  6. Real news travels on Twitter faster.
  7. Do you ever get the feeling celebs are more likely to see you or your work on Twitter before Facebook? I sure do.


chat There are hundreds of reasons why I like Twitter, but I’d like to read more about what you like and why you connect with the communities you’re active in.

  • What is your favorite social platform?
  • What communities do you find yourself gravitating towards the most?
  • What are some communities you’d like to start being more active in? LinkedIn is one for me.
Corvida Raven

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