Beyond Content Aggregation – Filtering Services, Popular, & Relevant Content


I’m currently listening to Louis Gray, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Gabe Rivera of Techmeme, Melanie Baker (AideRSS), Micah Baldwin (Lijit). They’re all a part of the Beyond Content Aggregation – Finding the Best Content Panel. One of the key things I hope to hear them speak a little more on is filtering and content aggregation. After all, aggregation all of the content available usually results in information overload. In doing so, everyone has various filtering techniques.


Finding Personal Versus Popular Content

blog While Louis and Robert Scoble may be human filters, services like PostRank and AideRSS are all about helping you get the best content within all the “noise of information”.  However, my problem with said services is that their filtering mechanisms are based on popularity and not necessarily the best personal content.

For personal content aggregation, the aforementioned tools fail me. I don’t want to know what’s the most popular, Techmeme does that for me already. I want to know what’s relevant to me. We need more “relevant filtering services”. Popularity is played out. It’s old and quite frankly, it’s annoying to some extent. Screw popularity. I’ll take relevancy any day!



question My question to you is: How are you finding the best relevant content? What tools are you using? What manual techniques do you integrate into your search for finding the best content that’s also relevant to you?

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