Catch That Tweet With TweetShots

If you’ve ever wished to simplify the process of grabbing a screenshot of a Tweet, TweetShots is your solution!

Sometimes, A-listers accidentally post dirty little tweets. How many times has someone deleted an "accidental tweet"? Well, if you’ve ever been too lazy to grab a screencap of it, TweetShots will solve that problem (and create a headache for others).


How To Use TweetShots

  • grab_tweetshot Immediately go to the entire url of the tweet.
  • Open TweetShots in a separate window/tab.
  • Enter a name for your TweetShots bookmarklet
  • Drag said bookmarklet to your toolbar
  • Go back to said tweet and click bookmarklet
  • Click where it says "Click Here" (hint: it’s on the robot)
  • Grab embed code or integrate into your Tumblelog


Tumblr Integration Rocks

Integration with a Tumblelog is quick and easy. For an example of Tumblr integration (which is awesome) check out the TweetShots Tumblelog. With Tumblr integration, you not only get the tweet, but any links within the tweet are also listed! Sweet!

This would be an even better service if it could TweetShots my replies page!
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