More Incredibly Unique Twitter Projects III

awesomesauceapproved It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen! I’ve brought you Incredibly Unique Twitter Projects and Incredibly Unique Twitter Projects II. I’m doing it again for your weekend pleasure. Here are more incredibly unique Twitter projects (part 3)!



Twistori is the Twitter equivalent of wefeelfine. Twistori displays the latest tweets that mention "I think", "I love", "I hate", "I believe", "I feel", and "I wish" in an well organized stream.


Twitter Planetarium

This project is more like a Twitter planetarium though it doesn’t have an official name. You have a page where a bunch of random tweets are floating back and forth. Occasionally a tweet will pop out for better viewing, but there’s no way interact with the application otherwise. No clicking, no customizations. However, this would be a great application for viewing your followers on one page, if you could add your account.

twitter planetarium 



Missing the SuperPoke app from Facebook? Well I’ve got the Twitter equivalent for you! Twaction is:

[…] a simple site that turns your tweets on Twitter into actions. You can now poke, slap, drink beer or smile at your friends on Twitter.

To use Twaction simply send out a tweet like this: @twaction @recipient [action] [message]

Check out their entire library of actions (very extensive) and the most popular actions to date. Unfortunately, throwing things at others isn’t available at the moment.


The Twitter Auto Complete Script

The majority of Twitter users are still using the web to update their Twitter account. If you’re tired of remembering names why not try the Twitter Auto Complete Script?

The Twitter Auto Complete Script automagically completes any @twittername you type in on the Twitter website. If you only remember the first letter of a user’s handle, simply type "@[insert letter]" and look directly to your left for a list of your twitter followings beginning with said letter. Keep typing and the script will auto complete the name of the user for you. The possible downside is that you need to be using the Firefox web browser with the Greasemonkey extension installed because this is a Greasemonkey script.

twitter auto complete script

Notable Mentions

Other notable mentions are TweetGift for sending gifts to friends, and SnapTweet for sending out your Flickr photos to Twitter.

What new Twitter projects have you discovered? Send in your suggestions for the next post of incredibly unique Twitter projects!

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