How To Empower and Inspire Your Content Using Posterous

posterous Posterous is my new crack. Twitter used to be, but it’s more like weed now. Not as strong, but you’re used to it. Posterous gets into my mind. It taps into my soul in a way that regular blogging hasn’t been able to do in a long time. With Posterous, I feel more relaxed about writing, not just blogging. I feel less pressured to blog and empowered to simply write. I enjoy the posts I put on Posterous and I leave it open for comments and interpretation rather than filling it to the brim with my insights.

In doing all of this, I’ve discovered that Posterous opens a little creative door that I wasn’t previously aware of. So much inspiration flows through me when I use Posterous. Even better, I just don’t care what happens with the content when it hits Posterous and spreads to Twitter and Facebook. Yet, it doesn’t stop me from sending great content I find across the web to my Posterous site. I could easily send it here to SheGeeks, but it’s not the same, nor do I feel it’s what you would expect from me. You’re free to let me know your thoughts on that by visiting my Posterous site.

After writing using Posterous, I feel more empowered to blog here. I feel more relaxed and more encouraged about the content that I write for SheGeeks. Posterous is my new creative launching pad. I can do just about anything there without worrying about mistakes, engagement, or traffic. All the rules fall to the side and all that I learn from Posterous, I do my best to bring here to SheGeeks.


  • Are you a Posterous user? How about Tumblr?
  • How do these services empower you? Better yet, when was the last time a service empowered you?
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