Futura X: A Stylish Wireless Charger For iPhone And Android

A future without wires and cables sounds great, but for now we have wireless charging. Though most wireless chargers still require a cable, they take a “set it and forget it” approach to charging your phone. It’s not exactly what I think of when I hear “wireless charger”, but it has some perks. For a good looking and compact wireless charger, look no further than the Futura X by Bezalel.


Bezalel sent me their Futura X, a sleek and compact wireless charger that looks like it came straight out of an Apple catalog.

It’s paper thin (7mm thick) and square, taking up as much space on my nightstand as my wallet. The top is made of glossy acrylic, and the bottom is covered in aluminum with rubber strips for grip. It comes in black and white color options with the company’s name proudly displayed on top.

A microUSB cable powers the Futura X instead of USB Type-C, which is surprising. You have to use your own wall adapter or your computer for power, but charging times are the same no matter which one you pick.


Setting up the Futura X is simple: plug in the microUSB cable to a power source. Once you do this a sliver of light immediately appears on the front of the pad. It’s subtle and easy to miss, but more noticeable in dim settings. From here, you can place any Qi compatible smartphone on top of the pad to start charging.

For this review, I used a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Despite the Note 8’s bigger size, I don’t have to fiddle with its placement on the pad. It immediately begins charging no matter where it’s positioned, remains in place despite the Futura X’s super smooth top, and stays connected when jostled. The Note 8 also didn’t heat up much after wirelessly charging.

The Futura X gives off 10 watts of power, which is enough to support fast wireless charging on Samsung phones. However, most wireless technologies are slower than their cable counterparts. This applies to WiFi and wireless charging is no different. The Note 8 takes 40 minutes longer to charge using fast wireless charging compared to a cable. That’s a long time if you’re in a rush. However, it’s not a problem if you plan to “set and forget” your phone on the charger for a while. You might also experience different charging times depending on your device.

If you’re short on time, plan ahead or keep a cable charger around for quicker top offs.


If you’re looking for an gorgeous and sleek wireless charger that simply works, the Futura X is a good wireless charger at reasonable price: $50 (plus shipping and handling). Using the code “Corvida20”, you can get 20% off until January 31st.

The Futura X is compact enough to consider getting two of them: one for home and another to take with you. It can charge Qi compatible Android phones along with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X without any additional accessories.

I just wish it could use my phone’s USB Type-C cable to avoid managing multiple cords. The included cable could be a little longer and it would’ve been nice to get a wall adapter with a $50 purchase. Fortunately, these are only my personal gripes and not deal breakers when considering the Futura X for your wireless charging needs.

Thank you to Bezalel for providing this neat wireless charger and a nice discount to SheGeeks readers.

Corvida Raven

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