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Three things I never leave my house without are a phone, headphones and a good looking backpack. The backpack is the most important of these because it lets me carry more than three things. Without one, I feel limited and unprepared to face life. The hard part is finding a backpack that’s roomy, comfortable to carry, and matches my style.

One brand that meets these needs is Gaston Luga. They sent me two of their gorgeous backpacks to review. After a month of use, they’ve become my go to travel and adventure backpacks.


Gaston Luga Clässic Backpack

The Gaston Luga Clässic is a great everyday and travel backpack. It has a look of adventure, but versatile enough to rock in personal or business casual settings.

It’s made of thick cotton with vegan leather for durability and water resistance. The backpack’s compartments are secured using strong magnets, a cotton drawstring and leather straps rather than zippers. The drawstring is easy to open, but the strings become uneven after a few uses. A minor annoyance, but it’s easy to readjust.

Four metallic feet sit at the bottom for protection. However, I wish it were easier to get the backpack to stand on them.

Gaston Luga - Classic Inside

The inside of the Clässic is divided into two sections with two small pockets along the front of the divider. Both sections can fit a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop with room to spare for a tablet or notebook. However, the front section has a little more holding space. When filled, it’s difficult to get anything in or out of the two small pockets in the backpack.

Instead of attempting to describe how spacious it is, here’s a picture of what’s in my Clässic backpack:

What's In My Bag - Gaston Luga Clässy
What’s In My Clässic Backpack: Small notebook, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Level On Pro wireless headphones, DJI Spark (case and remote controller), Microsoft Surface Book, Canon T2i with 2 lens, power cords and passport (not pictured)

Gaston Luga - Clässic Passport PocketOn the back, between the adjustable shoulder straps, is a little pocket to store a passport, travel tickets or smaller phones like the Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8. There’s also a small front pocket, which I use to store cords, pens and things of that nature.

Despite having thin and unpadded should straps, the Clässic feels comfortable even when it’s full. I also love how much it holds without overwhelming me with too many pockets to lose things in.


Gaston Luga Clässy Backpack

The Clässy backpack by Gaston Luga is a more compact, elegant and sleeker rendition of the Clässic. It’s a really good backpack for traveling light and looks good in a business meeting.

A vegan leather flap covers the main compartment, which looks nice, but dents and creases too easily. A slightly expandable metal hook closure and magnet secures the flap to the backpack. Instead of cotton, the Clässy uses leather drawstrings to open and close the main compartment. I prefer the leather over the Clässic’s cotton drawstrings because they stay even longer.

Gaston Luga - Classy Inside

The interior of the Clässy is the same as the Clässic, but there’s less space to work with. A 13-inch laptop fits in the Clässic with room to spare. However, it’s a tight fit in the Clässy. I also wish the inside pockets were a little larger. However, light travelers will find more than enough space for their things in the Clässy.

What's In My Bag - Gaston Luga Clässic
What’s In My Clässy Backpack: Small notebook, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Microsoft Surface Book, Samsung Level On Pro wireless headphones, Canon T2i with 2 lens (in a carrying case not pictured), power cords and passport (also not pictured).

The Clässy also has a small pocket on the back and metallic feet on the bottom, staple features of Gaston Luga’s backpacks.


Gaston Luga Backpacks

Gaston Luga backpacks are stylish, compact and comfortable. They also come in great color schemes that makes it hard to choose just one. My only qualms with these backpacks are the small inner pockets and the metallic accents, which scuff easily and quickly.

Gaston Luga backpacks ship for free via DHL Express. Also, if you’re ordering from the US you won’t pay customs taxes or experience long shipping times. I received my free backpacks from Gaston Luga reps within four days, which is great timing for an international shipment.

Using the code “SheGeeks15” takes an additional 20% off your order. Each purchase includes a free leather address tag (while supplies last). This discount brings the Clässy down to $142 (from $209) and the Clässic down to $155 (from $229). That’s a pretty big slash on a steep price tag.

If you need a backpack that can keep up with a mobile lifestyle, Gaston Luga backpacks are worth the investment.

Do you use a backpack? Leave a comment with your favorite backpack and why it works for you!

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