Great Tumblr Sites + Tumblr On AIR

If you’re a fan of the Tumblr service, a scrapblog of sorts, then I have some incredible sites for you to visit to spice up your tumblelog and a bonus Tumblr Air application to help you keep up with your Tumblelog!

1. Tumblr Themes

Head over to Tumblr Themes to see some of the most unique themes available to Tumblr users! You can browse by category to see well over 20 beautifully designed themes for your using pleasure, alongside a plethora of well designed Tumblelogs from all over the web for inspiration, with customization tips sprinkled here and there.

2.Tumblr Hacks

Tumblr Hacks has some of the hottest suggestions, tips, and hacks for customizing your Tumblelog. For example, here’s how to add comments to your Tumblelog with Disqus:

Adding comments to Tumblr was one of the first issues of the Tumblr users, as well as for this site. It was one of the very first topics that we covered: Enable comments in Tumblr.

Disqus, like Buzzline, goes beyond commenting. In fact you can use it on multiple sites and give to your friends a central page with all your comments (ie. Unlike Buzzline, Disqus allows anonymous users to post comments, they do not necessarily need a Disqus account.

Check out the Disqus Tour  or, for some live examples, look at:, or

3. Tumblepedia

Having a wiki for your service is one of the latest crazes these days (along with having a Twitter account and blog). On Tumblepedia you can find a Tumblr Wiki for references and customization instructions, a forum for all things Tumblr, and a theme repository for all tumblelog software.

The site notes to users that "This wiki is setup a little different than most wikis. There are no catagories, only tags." I found the Wiki to be a bit disorienting with all the tags on the page. The theme repository features demos, screenshots, and a note of the supported engines for each theme.

TumblWeed: Tumblr on AIR

I found TumblWeed via Sarah Perez of Sarahintampa’s blog. Kudos to Sarah Perez!

TumblWeed is an Adobe AIR/Flash app for bloggers who use the Tumblr blog platform. With TumblWeed, you don’t have to open an web browser and go online to blog – just use this desktop application. There isn’t a WYSIWYG blog editor, but you can drag and drop photos and audio files to upload them to your Tumblr blog. You can also view your posts on a mini-dashboard.  The app is in alpha, but looks pretty good. You can download it (and Flash and AIR if you don’t already have them) from here.


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