[Guest Post] You Can Reach Me on My Mobile

This is a guest post by Amanda Gravel of Social Honeycomb. Amanda is a technology PR young adult, graduate of Boston University, and “devoted conversationalist, social media and socnet evangelist, futurologist, collector of secrets, fledgling professional and sponge.”  You can read her thoughts about PR, social networks, social media, and more at Social Honeycomb. Subscribe to Social Honeycomb here.

mobile phone If I lost my phone, I don’t really know how I’d survive.  My phone is my ultimate connection to people, information and media. It’s home to my contact list, my email, all my go-to social networks, notes I’ve "jotted" down, my alarm clock, my calendar, the day’s weather report, Google maps for when I get lost… everything I could possibly need.  But I want more.  I want the brands I rely on and love to connect with me and engage me on my phone.   If you run a company and you aren’t looking into ways to reach your key consumers in the mobile arena, you may want to rethink.

Mobile Branding

Beyond just making your Web site mobile-friendly (see: ReadBurner, Socialthing!, FriendFeed…), using mobile media to market and advertise your product, service, event, etc. is probably a smart thing for brands to consider.  I want to have the opportunity to opt in to receiving real-time updates from my favorite companies.  My phone is always with me, so that’s your best bet for reaching me with a brand message.

Mobile Marketing and Promotions

I want to receive mobile updates from Saks on days that big sales are happening.  I want to tell Shaw’s supermarket what kinds of foods and products I need to buy and to then receive information about what’s on sale that week.  I want my favorite restaurants and stores to send me exclusive coupons.  I want to get this kind information while I’m already out and about or sitting at work wondering what I should do when I leave.  I don’t look at the flyers you all are sending in the mail.  And I’m totally willing to give some information to companies I trust about what kind of consumer I am and what I’m interested in seeing from them.  Remember, too–this social technology works better when it’s two-way.

Forming Relationships Via Mobile Technology

I always have my phone with me, so if I could form a mobile relationship with companies that are major players in my purchase behavior, it would be magic for both of us, right?

How are your favorite brands reaching out to you through mobile media?  What could they do better?

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on SheGeeks.net.