How to Avoid Becoming Tech Support for Family this Holiday Season

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For the technologically inclined, the holidays equate to becoming your family’s personal tech support for a few days. We do it out of love, but wouldn’t it be nice to pass the tech support torch to someone else this year? Here’s an option: Asurion Premier Support.


You probably recall Asurion as a provider of device insurance for various wireless carriers. They also happen to provide support and advice for everyday technical problems. So, when I was asked to setup a new printer to print wirelessly, I called Asurion Premier Support.


After handing over my name, phone number, and email address, I asked my support specialist if he could help me setup a printer to wirelessly print. This seems pretty easy, but the printer can only connect to the wireless network using a WPS Pin or by pressing the WPS button on the router, and the router doesn’t have this button. In the middle of explaining this, the call got disconnected but Ron called me back in less than 30 seconds with two options: use remote assistance to let Ron take over my computer and do all the work or he could walk me through the steps.

Remote assistance is a great option for letting the experts take control of your computer and remotely fix your problem. It saves time and headaches. I like the complexities of tech (sometimes) and had some time to spare, so I opted for the walk-through.


While exploring a few options that resulted in dead ends, I wondered aloud if there was a WPS option in my router’s settings. Ron encouraged me to find out. Sure enough, there were options to enter a pin or remotely press the WPS button. We opted for the latter and less than a minute later I was ready to print wirelessly. The call only took 20 minutes and Ron even offered to help setup cloud printing, which I politely declined.

If you want to spend more time with your family than their gadgets this holiday season, consider signing them up for Asurion through their mobile carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) and letting a specialist do the dirty work of setting up and troubleshooting this season’s tech gifts and gadgets. Premium Support is free to all Asurion customers.

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