How To Migrate Your Feedburner Account To Your Google Account

rss2 There’s been news spreading about Google forcing Feedburner members to migrate their Feedburner account to their Google Account. Google completed their acquisition of Feedburner back in June, which makes us wonder what took the migration so long in the first place. More sign-ups for Google though, right?

Level Of Difficulty

If you’re wondering the level of difficulty for migrating your account, I’ll let it be known that level is 0 (extremely easy). However, if you’re migrating a ton of feeds (over 5), this could take a while. Whether you’d like to do it or not, Google is forcing you to do so and you have until February 28th to make it happen captain. So here’s a quick run-through of what you’ll need to do.

Important New Features

*If you are using AdSense, you’ll now be able to opt-in for AdSense for Feeds via your AdSense account.

*Several enhancements have been made to the feed delivery for email. You must check out these settings!

*Visitor tracking has been retired from Feedburner. Now you’ll have to use Google Analytics, which doesn’t offer real-time tracking.

*Feedburner networks are no longer supported.

Steps: Migrating Feedburner Account to Your Google Accounts


  1. If you know which Google Account you’d like to migrate your feed(s) to, go ahead and log into that account first. It’ll make your options for the migration more convenient for you.
  2. Head to the old Feedburner link (
  3. Sign into your Feedburner account.
  4. On your homepage, you’ll see a yellow bar at the top that asks if you’d like to migrate your account (see image below).
    feedburner migration
  5. Click where it states “Move your account now.”
  6. The next window allows you to choose which Google Account you’d like to move your feed to. Since you’re already signed into the one you want, select the option that states “Stay signed in as [your email address]”. Click ‘Next"’.
  7. After clicking ‘Next’, you’ll see all of the feeds assigned to the Feedburner account that you’ve signed into. You can now move those feeds.
  8. The rest is now up to Google. Since you will religiously check back to see if the process is done, Google promises to save you the trouble of doing so by sending you an email when the migration is complete.

That wasn’t so bad now was it?

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