What You Can Learn From Volkswagen’s Viral Fun Theory Videos

Jetti_TDI I am just as elated as the rest of the web to watch Volkswagon Fun Theory videos on Youtube, where the company explores changing the world and people’s behavior, by making it more fun to do. It’s a really well documented experiment that most people can easily understand and connect with, and even wish they could have participated in.


The Million Dollar Volkswagen Question

However, I couldn’t help thinking about a comment made about the viral videos:

Great Ideas. But if you really think about it if VW makes car more fun-more people will drive, more often. Clearly something that the world doesn’t need more of.

This would be a better idea if VW made bicycles or Wind turbines

MorrisDJ also followed up with:

Great ideas. I don’t understand how it helps them sell more cars though.

All of these comments are great questions to ask when it comes to understanding social media. It’s what a lot of people want to know, but doubt they can understand let alone apply to their business.


How VolksWagen Can Make Me A Customer

Here’s one explanation by Mrboilermaker:

I do. They are generating buzz about VW – in general this is good (people talking) but they upped it with socially aware videos masked by intelligence and fun.

VW is marketing their brand as cool – at least here in the US the majority of their line is geared toward a younger buyer – they are building status with their messages. The same way Volvo is always car number 1 when you think safety VW evokes a sense of urban cool, wittiness – they are the ipod and starbucks of automobiles[…](

After watching the videos, I headed to their website to check out some of their cars. Originally I didn’t think they’d have anything I’d like. However, when I landed on the Jetta TDI, wheels starting turning in my head. Now it’s in the running to be my first car.

All they needed was for me to think about their brand a little deeper. Through something completely unrelated on the surface (hilarious videos), I was compelled to get to know Volkwagen a little better. These videos piqued my curiosity about Volkswagen as a brand. Now they’re in the running to potentially have me spend $20,000 on one of their cars. That’s how they’ll make money.


Volkswagen Fun Theory Video


Congrats Volkswagen on a job well done! Looking forward to the next few videos!

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