Latest Enhancements Auto-shorten, Manage, and Filter Your Shared Links

bitly_logotypeToday, a popular URL shortener for Twitter and the web, has released a lively makeover for users of the site. has quickly gained popularity since its debut and is a project of Betaworks, which also owns Tweetdeck. Will the new changes to have a positive impact on users? What’s really new with outside of a fresh look? Features To Watch

  • Auto-shorten
    The keyboard is becoming irrelevant. At least that’s how your keyboard might feel with’s new auto-shorten feature for links. Simply copy, paste, and will do the rest. You can also turn this feature off in your options.  
  • Manage and Search is stepping their game up and elevating the playfield with their new url manager and search dashboard. Now you can easily access your history, backed with a fast and powerful search to find links quickly. A recipe for success for your business? It sure is when you add in link recovery options.
  • Sidebar Integrations
    When you log into and look at your recent shortened links, you’ll see an option setting to share or copy recent shortened links. The share option is integrated very nicely with the refreshed sidebar for quick sharing.


Use and Value Over Time

New UI

All of the latest changes to should prove to make the service more useful and valuable when it comes to gathering data, ease of use, and content curation. There’s nothing too drastic, but users of will definitely notice a positive change in use over time with the latest update.

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