The Life of an Instagrapher: GE, Jet Engines, and Instagram

Instagram and GEAre you a frequent Instagram user? Would you like a free trip to a world-class GE jet engine facility in the UK to take pictures and send them to Instagram? If you answered yes, then great because you only have 3 days left to enter GE’s Instagrapher contest to make this wish come true!

“For our next Instagram photo shoot, we’re going to a world-class GE jet engine facility in the UK to capture some amazing technology. Help us decide who the photographer should be. Because it could be you.”

Get your iPhones ready and load up Instagram to begin entering the contest. But don’t think any old picture is going to get you a golden ticket. This is a contest, so here are the rules:

The contest will end on December 12th at 11:59pm EST. All you have to do is take a photo inspired by or reflective of these areas of GE innovation and upload your photo to Instagram with the tag #GEinspiredme:

Instagram #GEinspiredme

  1. Moving: Sending people and goods around the globe. Capture a picture out the window of a plane, someone biking in the rain, or a crowded subway car.
  2. Curing: Providing better health to people everywhere. Capture a moment where people are engaged in sports, someone is planting their vegetable garden, or your sister in law holding her newborn.
  3. Powering: Delivering innovative energy solutions. Capture a moment of power in any form – the sun rising, wind holding up a kite, or an insane light show at a concert.
  4. Building: Providing capital and infrastructure for a growing economy. Who’s making a difference in your world? Capture a local mom-and-pop shop that helps you save money, your favorite food truck, or a construction site that you can’t wait to see completed.

After tagging your photo with #GEinspiredme, your photo will appear on GE’s Facebook gallery for over 100,000 people to immediately view and vote on it. Be sure to use the share button in the gallery to get your friends to vote on your pic. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges (I will be one of them) from the finalist.

Last week, I posted tips for capturing the perfect picture from my favorite photographers and Instagram users. Consider using these tips as a guide when capturing your next shot or applying filters to your photos. If you’re interested in browsing current submissions, check out GE’s Instagrapher Facebook app or search for #GEinspired me on Instagram.

Good luck, happy snapping, and may the best image win!

Corvida Raven

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