If it’s one thing that annoys me more than incomplete releases of services (beta’s done half-assed), it’s not having the option to delete my account! Honestly, it doesn’t take me that long to know whether or not I’ll continue to use a service. I know what I’m looking for, what I’m trying to achieve, and what tools would and wouldn’t be conducive to the end result. That’s how I am as a person and I’m a nit picky about my specifics.

Nevertheless, service after service after service is being released with no option whatsoever to delete my account. Why?!! I seriously don’t understand why. For numbers? What kind of service counts inactive users? Not a trustworthy one in my eyes.

So, to, Facebook, Tanglr, Socialthing!, and FriendFeed, yes you FriendFeed, add a freakin’ account deletion button. Follow Shyftr’s example with the subject matter! I know you don’t want to lose users, but as I asked before: What good is an inactive user?!

This open letter isn’t nice because this isn’t rocket science. A damn account deletion button isn’t anything new and should be available FROM THE START! I don’t WANT to email ANYONE just to get out of your service. Provide that hospitality and consideration from the get go. People will always want to unsubscribe from your service whether you like it or not. Allow us that convenience!

****UPDATE It seems FriendFeed does have an account deletion button, it’s just not all that noticeable.

Corvida, sorry if we don’t make the functionality more obvious, but you can delete your account at…. We link to it from, among other places, the privacy policy, but we clearly need to make it more discoverable. – Bret Taylor

I really like Bret Taylor!

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