Twhirl Integrates Friendfeed: The Chaos Begins

Twhirl has incorporated Friendfeed into their client! Twhirl’s latest upgrade here.



alert thingy Just this morning, I wrote an article suggesting that the Friendfeed AIR app Alert Thingy should stay in its own lane and NOT try to directly compete with Twhirl by adding a host of features that cater to users of Twitter.

I noted that I’d find it to be a serious issue of information overload and the scene would be nothing but chaos. What I should’ve noted is that both Alert Thingy and Twhirl should stay in their respective lanes because Twhirl has now introduced Friendfeed into it’s array of supported services.

The Verdict?

twhirl It’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be. The interface is very similar to the Twitter interface in Twhirl. You can "Like" or reply directly to a Friendfeed item from Twhirl. However you can not post a reply to a tweet through the service. You’d need to switch back over to Twitter for that. Other than that, there are no new features that you aren’t seeing in other clients. However, I should note that you cannot post a new item to Friendfeed through Twhirl, which sucks.

Twhirl does a nice job of separating all of the accounts by giving each one their own window. However, I’ve already hit a snag with the client while writing this review, which is forcing me to restart it.

Friendfeed users who don’t like the fact that Alert Thingy appends "via Alert Thingy" to everything will now have to deal with Twhirl doing the same.

The upgrade is available to the public, however Twhirl developers will be pushing the update in a few days to users of Twhirl. If you can’t wait, you’re more than welcome to get Twhirl’s latest upgrade here.


Here’s a video I found via TechCrunch with Loic Le Meur, founder of Twhirl parent company Seesmic, demonstrating the new version:

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