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twitio_logo is an interesting Twitter tool that I just discovered. Recently developed by XDite, Twitio is similar to the now defunct TwitThis  service that allows you to send a link to your Twitter followers to share what you may be reading or browsing through in your browser. 

To use the service, simply drag the Twitio bookmarklet to your toolbar and click it when you’d like to "tweet" a link. The bookmarklet is available for Firefox and IE. It’s simple enough, but there’s a small twist to this service. Normally, once your link is tweeted that’s all there is too it. However, using Twitio you can now keep a record of the links you’ve tweeted!


Twitio Features

Well, this could be a useful replacement for those of the TwitThis service, which has been down for numerous days now. If you’re looking to blog about the articles you’ve tweeted without having to go through your archive on Twitter, Twitio would be your best bet. Also, users of Twitio have RSS feeds available for their recently tweeted links. So, if you know someone who tweets great links and you’d like to keep up with them, recommending Twitio might be a good idea.

Awesomesauce Approved?

Not quite. Still, is definitely a twitter tool to keep an eye on. Better developments are in store and if you’d like to follow them on Twitter check out @XDite ‘s profile. Before following I’d like to note that his profile is not in English, but I’ve included the same link that XDite has included on his blog that uses a translation service to translate the page.

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