Twitter’s New Redesign

I just logged into Twitter and after sending a direct message from the Twitter homepage my screen showed this:


new twitter theme

At first I thought Firefox was going haywire on me. However, this is not the case. It seems Twitter is testing a new theme design and one that I’m not quite sure how I feel about.

What’s New

  • Tabs are now to the right of the screen
  • You can see the number of direct messages you have (not sure if that was there before)
  • Time stamps and “from” stamp are in italics
  • Latest tweet has been pushed under the "message box
  • Reply and Favorite shortcuts now appear as you hover over a message
  • If someone sent a message via text, the txt link takes you to the Official Twitter Commands page
  • The previous update also does the same for Twhirl, Twitterrific, and Twittelator. Meaning it takes you to their respective homepages
  • The search box was also moved (Thanks Orli!)

Not a huge or even drastic change, but a surprising one nonetheless. What do you think of the rearrangement?


It seems they’ve reverted back. To quote Chrissie Brodigan:

chrissieb ROFL – opps, apparently someone pushed the wrong button. FAIL! half a minute ago from web.

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