WordPress On The iPhone Needs Improvement

Just wanted to provide you with an update that the WordPress app for the iPhone is now available in the iTunes app store.

I’m typing up this post using the app now. My biggest complaint thus far is that I can’t type up a post in landscape mode. If you have an iPhone you’re aware that it’s much easier to type on the virtual keyboard in landscape mode. You can’t switch to this mode with the wordpress app.

Another qualm that I have with the app is that images are attached at the bottom of the post. So you cannot write around images and formatting just isn’t an option unless you feel like manually inserting code. You also have to manually type in links which you won’t ever see me do. Copy and paste on the iphone would’ve been very handy for this.

All in all, I would only use this for breaking news. You can add images from your library or take a snapshot right from your camera. As a tip, if you’d like to grab a screenshot from the web or from an app simply hold the home button and press the power button at the same time and an image of whatever is on your screen will be automagically saved. You can also hold your finger on an image from a website to save it to your iPhone.

This app still needs work such as a possible plugin to grab a link or a separate browser like Twitterrific to browse to the page you’d like to link to and insert the link. Still, it’s nice to have this as an option for quick on-the-go posting.

The image below is of Dan Kaplan from VentureBeat pwning my Crepe :)


Apparently, fellow Grand Effect blogger Martin from GHacks shares my sentiments for the WordPress iPhone app: “WordPress For iPhone Is Not A Killer App”

Corvida Raven

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