It’s Not Tech Blogging That’s Boring

blog The latest meme conversation floating around is about tech blogging being boring or failing. Suprisingly, Scoble didn’t link to Hodson’s article which seems as if it may or may not have sparked his post. Moving along…

I don’t feel tech blogging is boring nor is it failing me. If I did, I would clear out my RSS feeds. While the echo chamber can pose a serious problem sometimes, it doesn’t account for tech blogging as a whole. Techmeme doesn’t account for tech blogging as a whole. As much as I love working at ReadWriteWeb, we nor any other major blogging network accounts for tech blogging as a whole. We’re individual slices of the pie. If you feel like you’re being bored or it’s failing you then move along to something else.


Taking Care Of Business

Business tech talk can be fun. With Guidewire Group, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a ton of great CEO’s and alumnus of the DEMO conferences. They’ve shown me interesting products such as ReQall and Silobreaker. They’ve given me great advice and I now have a different perspective on the business side of tech. It’s not a failure when bloggers blog about the business side of tech.

I also don’t think that tech blogging is controlled by PR. While PR definitely has their hands in the cookie jar, I think we’re controlled by our audiences and we do our best to give them business news that could change the services they use or the way they use a particular service. We inform them of things that they may not take the time to read about elsewhere. We let them know what’s going on with the companies that create and build the products that they use. To be honest, I feel like we do the dirty work and simplify all that jargon that would confuse the average user. Plain and simple, we give them what they may want or need, but don’t otherwise know how to get. I’d say we’re pretty successful at it too. It’s a necessary balance in my opinion even if it is drawn out sometimes.


A Plateau Perhaps?

idea Every once in a while, one hits a plateau. Things come to a standstill. At this point, there’s nothing wrong with tech blogging and I think we may have just hit a plateau. Also, there just aren’t any new services coming out that stand apart from other services that are currently available. Sidenote: That’s not an invitation to flood my inbox with pitches. We blog about what we do, what we see, and how we experience things. However, we can’t do that without something new to do, see, and experience. No one wants to keep blogging about the same services. Unfortunately, if that’s all there is, then that’s all you can do until something else comes along.

I don’t think this means blogging is boring or failing. We’re waiting for something better. In the mean time, we make due with what we have. What’s so wrong with that?


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