Visually Disqus’n : Disqus Integrates Seesmic

this is a guest post by (jeff)isageek who also has his own blog over at

Today Disqus, a community driven commenting service (say that 4 times fast), announced that it will be integrating video comments using video service Seesmic bringing another great feature to what is already an awesome service.

Why did Disqus decide to add video commenting?

Our main goal with Disqus has always been to enhance how people interact and participate on blogs. Video comments, while a relatively new concept, is something we’ve been hearing people chatter about recently. Enabling video conversation is not our focus, so we came together with our friends at Seesmic to make this happen.

So why does Disqus have video comments? We think it’s easy and fun — a different way to approach a blog discussion. Decide for yourself.

I think one aspect that is going to make using video comments a big hit with Disqus is one how easy it is to actually leave a comment – you press a red button, sign into your seesmic account, and then record. Secondly, check out how easily it integrates with your current non video comments and has a nice/simple/clean look. See below for an example of how it will look in your comment stream.

I think this is a great move by Disqus and Seesmic to integrate video comments into blogs everywhere. It’s another sign of how the social web continues to grow and produce “awesomesauce” results.