Which Is More Valuable: Facebook Or Your Website?

I came across Dan Schawbel’s post RI.P Facebook as a Marketing Platform. Dan makes an interesting point when he says:

I’m not sure why advertisers are promoting their Facebook and Twitter pages instead of their websites. It would be much wiser to invest in a blog as a landing page instead of using a platform, that you can’t trust, and that doesn’t yield monetary results.

Not everyone will agree, and some may not know the answer at all. Here are a few of my thoughts on which platform is really the one for you or your business.

Why Blogs Are Better

I vaguely remember a recent article or someone telling me that blogs are dead thanks to Twitter and Facebook. Yet if blogs didn’t exist, you would probably need to change who you’re following on Twitter very quickly. Blogs are where content of real substance exist. Blogs are a platform for fleshed out ideas. They are pieces of facts and human experiences that Twitter and Facebook can only lead to. More importantly for any business, you’re in more control of your website than you will ever be with Facebook or Twitter. A website is your platform, your stage, for your audience and you’re the director (or producer).


Why Facebook And Twitter Rule

On the other hand, updating Facebook and Twitter is significantly easier and more convenient than writing a blog post. Sometimes people don’t want to read a 2-hour epic on your blog. They want a short, sweet, to the point haiku and companies want it taken to the level of a box office hit. Enter Twitter and Facebok. Message are penetrating the minds and eyes of millions of people using these networks in a way that blogs aren’t designed to do as effectively.


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    • Which is more valuable, Facebook or your website?
    • Which platform has yielded better results for you or your company?
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