Why Are “We” More Willing Than Mainstream?

After reading a ton of articles today, I pondered one thought, why are we more willing than mainstream to sign up for a bunch of services that they aren’t?


We’re Everywhere!

community We’re on everything. We’re everywhere, and we don’t really care that our every action is published for the entire web to see. In fact, we encourage it through our usage of various services. We sign up for the latest, the hottest, and the best beta services. People think of us as the Matrix or something!

While we drone all day about this service and that service, we preach to our own choirs respectively. None of our mainstream counterparts are just as willing to jump on board and give out their email address to various random services that we sign-up for without a second thoughts. Why is this?



Well for the services that we sign up for 24/7, you definitely need a high interest in Technology and all its advanced goodness. You need to want to find the latest in this industry in order to keep up, let alone sign up for hundreds of services.


searchiconThis field is about as time consuming as the medical field. We spend hours and hours at the computer, searching, scavenging, scouring for any service that seems remotely useful or unique. We search for the conversations that will enlighten us and give us the spark that will lead to our next blog post. Personally, I have no life during the week. It all belongs to the web.


The services that I am most active on definitely provide some type of help with my productivity. However, would it do the same for my mainstream counterparts that have different interests? Would they simply be wasting their time on the services that provide valuable feedback and advice for us? Could they really get the same benefits that we get from signing up for these services?


Finish The List…

discussion I’m sure I go on and on about why we’re more willing, but I’d like for you all to comment and let me know what else can I add to the list. What am I missing? Why are “we’” more willing than “them”?

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on SheGeeks.net.