Cliqset Upgrades Its Social Identity Platform (200 Invites!)


Have you ever previewed something that made you giddy over the smallest things? What about being impressed by the solutions to problems you didn’t realize existed, until you saw the solution? That’s how I feel about the social identity service Cliqset.

I had the wonderful pleasure of previewing the latest upgrade of Cliqset that left me excited, tickled, and awed. While at first glance Cliqset, will remind you of FriendFeed, there are some subtle but important differences that separate the service from others. Cliqset aggregates all of the information that you share from your social profile into one very clean and nice interface. There’s a clearly distinguishable separation of all of your content (and the content of others), that makes digesting your information easier than most services.

Cliqset Features

Visual Cues


The recent activity toolbar uses visual cues in the form of icons to also help you separate what content you’d like to see. If you only wanted to see a users photos and bookmarks, just click each icon for the content you’d like to see. Cliqset will filter out the information and only show the icons you’ve selected. Simple and effective, right?



When I previewed the service I was worried about how updates would be implemented. I hate when old topics are suddenly at the top of my stream because someone commented on it 6 months later. So how do you get updates without compromising your stream? Take a page from Facebook and add notifications! Notifications in Cliqset come in the form of both followers and new replies on your content.

Share Everywhere! Cliqset_Share

You can also share your imported content to other services pretty easily right from the interface. Simply select share and an icon list of accounts you’ve authorized Cliqset to post to will be enabled. The share option also includes a short URL and original link back to your content.

The Verdict

The New FriendFeed?

I wouldn’t call it that, but others very well might. Just remember, similar features doesn’t make services the same. Functionality, use, and community are also important factors to consider. Cliqset is working on the latter, and so far I think they nailed functionality and use.

Cliqset Invites

To grab one of 200 invites click here:

Once you’re all set you can follow me on Cliqset. Looking forward to seeing your discussions!

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