FriendFeed WordPress Plugin Update

Earlier this month the awesomesauce Glenn Slaven released the first Friendfeed WordPress plugin. Recently, the awesomesauce approved plugin was updated with both minor and major changes.


  • Better default styling
  • Customizable CSS
  • Customizable headlines
  • "Like" or comment on an item directly from the original source
  • Debug mode

awesomesauceapproved If you head to the comments section of an article on, you can see a live preview of the plugin. Show your love by heading over to Development on a Shoestring to grab the updated Friendfeed WordPress plugin! If you already have it installed and you’re using WordPress 2.5, just head over to your plugins section and upgrade the plugin directly from your dashboard.

Corvida Raven

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9 thoughts on “FriendFeed WordPress Plugin Update”

  1. I cant get it to work on my blog. It says it is there when you enable debugging but it doesnt show up at all on the blog itself. I have Disqus comments installed too, but I notice you have both working together quite happily here. Any ideas on what is going wrong? Could it be my theme perhaps?

  2. actually I thought I had upgraded it and maybe i did…but i went back and there was a new version so i just upgraded to that and it was good to go.

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