Thoughts On Gatineau, Microsoft’s Web Analytics Tool

UPDATE: The Analytics Reporting Suite is no longer available and Microsoft’s Gatineau has evolved into Microsoft’s Advertising adCenter:


I came across a couple of screenshots and the slides that shown at the ‘Web Analytics Day’ conference for Gatineau, Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Analytic Tool. One of their key notes is that “Web Analytics is hard”. Well Microsoft, you don’t seem to be making it “look” any easier.

Screenshots of Gatineau do not impress me and give me no desire to switch from Google. The interface, the reports…they all look like something out of Excel. Maybe that’s the point, though I’m not an Excel user. Still, Excel looks daunting, which is why I don’t bother with it.

My point is that Gatineau looks very complicated….to me and Google Analytics doesn’t. You can check out screenshots and the slideshow exclusively at Blognation. [VIA] -Blognation

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