Your Followings Will Affect Your Social Media Experience

Twitter When I think of Twitter, I think of consistent two-way communication. The keywords in the previous sentence were: consistent, two-way, communication. This type of interaction is what led me to my first understanding of what Twitter is. This is what a lot of mainstream users are still struggling with, usually because of who they’re following.

For example, I logged into my personal Facebook account to the following status update:

Giving Twitter another chance.i just might like this.follow me.

Following The Wrong Crowd?

twitter follow me iconAfter checking her Twitter profile I noticed that she followed quite a few celebrities and blog network Twitter accounts. To me, this explained what the problem was in no uncertain terms. Not too many personal profiles were in the mix. Another look at her Twitter stream and I noticed she was new and tweeting to quite a few celebrities. Here’s where the problem comes in:

By following those that she choose to follow, she’s limited the amount of feedback that could receive on Twitter.

After speaking with her I found out that this was exactly why she didn’t get Twitter in the beginning. It was like talking to a wall. At least on Facebook people are more likely to respond but that’s only because of the type of connections.

Where’s The Connection With Celebrities On Twitter?

twitter Which leads to my next point: most of these celebrities don’t make an intimate connection. Outside of Shaq, and Soulja Boy, not many of these celebrities are responding to their audiences frequently. Currently, Ellen DeGeneres only has one reply in her Twitter stream and guess who it’s too: hint – it’s another celebrity.

Chose Your Following Wisely

twitter I’m not trying to tell you what to do. If you take away anything from this post, don’t think I’m saying that the way you’re using Twitter is wrong because it’s not. If you’re getting the information that you wanted to get then Twitter is working out great for you. However, on a more social level, these tips would be beneficial to improve your experience on Twitter.

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