Apps & Why It Could Blow Twitter Away

identica I’m on and I’m loving it. Discovered it via Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post on ReadWriteWeb ( May A Million Twitters Bloom). I’m also on the phone with Sarah Perez discussing what the latest verb for will be. Yes, we’re true social media fanatics and yes every microblogging service needs a verb. You can follow me on at is basically a great alternative to Twitter. The user interface is nice and simple just like Twitter. It’s like a Twitter clone with a bad name, but it’s open source unlike Twitter. So what’s bad about

  • The community is small.
  • No way to track replies thus far
  • No groups
  • No direct messages
  • No easy way to follow people (suggested by Sarah Perez)
  • No client
  • No apps really       

Future Features for

So, has a plans for tons of a ton of great features including:

  • SMS updates and notifications
  • A Twitter-compatible API
  • More AJAX-y interface
  • Maps
  • Cross-post to Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, etc.
  • Pull messages from Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, etc.
  • Facebook integration
  • Hashtags
  • Image, video, audio notices
  • Automatic url-shortening
  • Multilingual interface (using Gettext)          

Get Replies in And More

So far there are a lot of people flocking over to I managed to attract over 100 people in less than 5 hours and there’s more coming in. So for those that are already on here are some things you can try out to manage

First, needs to get a replies tab ASAP! In the meantime, you can use this greasemonkey script that adds a reply button to the UI. Works like a charm too. Also, Dawn aka geekygirldawn has created an reply sniffer via Yahoo Pipes. You can subscribe to the feed for replies.

Also, has added integration for That was fast!

Add to FriendFeed

If you want to add your rss feed to FriendFeed just grab your profile url and tack /rss at the end of it. (e.g.

I’ll keep you posted on more as I hear about them and you’re more than welcome to leave a comment or email me (shegeeks [a] shegeeks/net) if you have an app in the works or know of one for


Why It Could Be The Next Twitter

blog Plain and simple, I’m developing a community on there, a community that is active on Twitter and and are early adopters with related interests. In fact, I’ve been writing this post for some time now and I’ve been on the phone with Sarah Perez and sending messages to and talking about People are itching for the community that they’ve created on Twitter to move elsewhere. So far, is slowing soothing that itch. While it still has a long way to go, if Twitter doesn’t get its act together within the next month or two, can definitely usurp it and I’m willing to bet my blog on that…almost. Check out more about with Sarah Perez’s latest post “ Early Adopter Tips”.

Identi.Ca Gossip

Scobleizer, Scoble, Shel Israel, and 1938media usernames are being squatted on. I wonder if Techcrunch is being squatted on? Verb

So needs a verb, not to mention a new name. So here’s a poll of suggested verbs (similar to “tweet” for Twitter”):

[polldaddy poll=”748652″]

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