iPhone 4 Case Giveaway: Show Me Your iPhone’s Homescreen!

Griffin Tech iPhone CasesGriffin Technology was the case maker I selected with my iPhone 4 upgrade. Combining great protection with style and function, their products stand out without being flashy. My case has been a life saver when traveling as the Social Media Specialist for the Volt Unplugged Tour. Today, I’m giving away two (2) iPhone 4 cases courtesy of Griffin Technology.

Griffin Technology iPhone 4 Cases

Elan Form graphite for iPhone 4 ($34.99) – This hard-side case features a sleek profile with a graphite texture unique to the touch. Protecting the front and back of your iPhone, a non-scratch lining helps keep your case looking just as good as your iPhone.

Outfit ice Hot Pink for iPhone 4 ($29.99) – Color is a must in any season and Griffin’s Outfit ice cases hit the spot. Featuring a smooth and clean design, I’m a fan how the colors “pop”, but they don’t make the cases seem flashy. Red is my favorite of the bunch, but I have a fierce hot pink Outfit ice Pink case to giveaway.

Griffin Tech iPhone 4 Case Black Giffin Tech iPhone 4 Case Pink

Click to Enlarge: Elan Form Graphite (left) and Outfit ice (right) iPhone 4 Cases

How To Win

  • Take a screenshot of your iPhone’s homescreen (see instructions below).
  • Send it to me:

I’ll stop accepting homescreen screenshots for the giveaway on Friday, November 19th at 10:00pm EST/ 7pm PST. A winner will be randomly selected at over the weekend and announced on Monday! Good luck!

Take A Screenshot With Your iPhone

To take a screenshot using the iPhone’s press and hold the home button. Quickly, press the power button. You should see a bright flash which means you’ve taken a screenshot. Immediately release both buttons after this.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Case Giveaway: Show Me Your iPhone’s Homescreen!”

  1. hows the contest going ;) I’ll take both cases if you want. jk, no hot pink for me!

  2. The 266 theme is nice! Definitely a must have at some point.

    Thanks for sharing your screenshot and the apps that make it so awesome. Jailbreak guru! Will post my homescreen tomorrow too.

  3. http://yfrog.com/fx874zj
    phone, GV Mobile, Bite SMS, Cal, Mail, Safari, and iPod w/ Fantasy Monster, WordPress, and iExpenseit.

    self modified MP2 theme with no page dots. however, planning to switch to the 266 theme when it comes out for iP4

    dock: lower case, kearned folder names, 5 pages of folders with infinidock
    prelude (palm pre) system font with font swap
    also, Make it Mine carrier change and Lockinfo status bar icons at top.

    i would have a 3×3 centered dense layout but iconoclasm is not working and I am forced to use this 4×5 layout :(

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