SheGeeks Holiday Giveaway: A Tech Makeover Package

It’s amazing to me how much technology changes over a small period of time. If I wonder if these changes in technology have led others to the success that I have seen in my life.  I think technology makeovers can have a transformational effect. Not when you’re chasing the latest gadget, but when you jump from 4 or even 5 year old technology to today’s innovations.

The Sony Internet TV is like that. Running the Google TV platform, it combines most of what you love about the web with the best things about your TV. Apps, search, the web, and your favorite channels curated to your tastes. Netflix is on another level for me. I first previewed it in San Diego during the Chevrolet Volt Unplugged Tour (thanks for the invite Sukhjit!) . Then Intel sent a 24″ Sony Internet TV to my house (Thank you Intel). It’s a part of Intel’s Smart TV experience. I can say it’s not only smart, but refreshing. I’m watching a lot of different content these days because it introduces me into a new world of content makers.

I like how the Sony Internet TV can open up new possibilities. I’m watching documentaries from Vimeo like The Influencers Project. Then Instant Queuing recommendations from my brother in Netflix with just a few keystrokes. I think everyone should be able to have that experience with the tools they possess. So, this week I’m giving away what I hope can help you transform into the New Year. But first the rules.

The Rules

How has technology assisted you in making positive changes in your life?

Answer this question in the comments below and retweet your answer using the commenting system to enter to win a Tech Makeover Package provided by Intel!

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The giveaway ends Friday, December 10th at midnight (EST)! Winner will be announced at noon the following Monday!

The Goods

Here’s what’s included in the Tech Makeover Package courtesy of Intel:

  • Sony 24” Smart TV – $599.99 value at Best Buy
  • Dell Studio Laptop with Intel Core™ i5 inside & Wireless Display (WiDi) – $799.99 value at Best Buy
  • Netgear Push2TV box & HDMI cable (to bring WiDi to your TV) – $99.99 value at Best Buy
  • Best Buy Geek Squad PC Hookup & TV installation – $149.99 value at Best Buy

Technology has come a long way. Its transformation should not be missed. The benefits of technology in life are growing everyday. This package won’t stop a bullet (though it could come close), it could be just what you were looking for to get on with your growth in many aspects of your life. So, tell me what technology has done for you lately:

How has technology assisted you in making positive changes in your life?

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