SheGeeks Holiday Giveaway: And The Winner of the Tech Makeover Package is….

First and foremost, I’d like to say it feels like a wonderful blessing to be able to present this Tech Makeover Courtesy of Intel. I am seeing all the changes that can take place in your life when you upgrade the quality of the technology that you’re using. It’s not about keeping up with the Jones. It’s about improving the quality of your lifestyle and sometimes your business.

There were over 40 wonderful comments and conversations that took place like this one left by Cynthialil,

“In the past few years, technology has completely transformed my life because it gave me the power to stop working as an admin in an office and become the entertainment reporter I’ve always wanted to be.”

It sums up the power of technology to make change through changing devices to improve the way we use them.

The winning comment stuck out tremendously for me was left by LaTosha Johnson (@TargetStars). Here’s how technology has changed LaTosha’s life,

I am a business owner that provides virtual marketing and administrative support to solopreneurs. I have met clients via Twitter and Facebook and perform the bulk of my work using collaborative software (i.e. Zoho), IM, etc. I would NOT be able to perform the services that I offer without technology. Technology has helped keep me organized (not sure what I would do without my Google Calendar) and saved me tons of money because I no longer have to fly to meet with people (unless it’s absolutely necessary) because I can use Skype. People can contact me whenever they need me and I don’t have to be “tied” to my computer to do so. I can respond to email, check voicemail all from my Blackberry.

Congrats LaTosha! Please contact me via email at to claim your tech makeover package!

Thanks to everyone that participated and shared their stories! Are you giving any tech makeovers for the holidays? What kind of gadgets are you helping your family and friends upgrade to this holiday season? Let me know in the comments.

Corvida Raven

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